The Dream Factory Marathon Team was created in the fall of 2012 as another outlet to raise funds for the Dream Factory and to reach out to thousands of people who participate in marathons and half-marathons. Proceeds raised will help support The Dream Factory. The first wave of races the team will participate in will be the spring of 2013. We encourage all runners to come on board, not only completing a marathon or half-marathon but raising money for a wonderful organization!


Letter to potential Athletes:

Thanks for considering your participation in The Dream Factory Marathon Team. The Dream Factory is a non-profit children’s grant-wishing organization that uses 90-percent of its money toward making a child’s dream come true. By being on The Dream Factory Marathon Team, you are not only accomplishing a milestone – completing a marathon (or half-marathon) is awesome in itself – but you are also joining a team that helps change the life of a sick child. From all of us at The Dream Factory, including the thousands of volunteers and the families of those helped by our wonderful organization, THANK YOU!

As part of The Dream Factory Marathon Team, each walker or runner receives the following: paid entry fee into one of the hundreds of marathons or half-marathons around the world; free Dream Factory racing singlet, shirt, shoe bag and bracelet; and training plans. We will also provide mentoring in assisting with donations from your community. Leading up to the actual marathon of your choice, we are requiring that each participant raise a minimum of $500 – of course the more the better! So for each athlete, after eliminating our expenses, The Dream Factory will raise a minimum of $350.

Again, thank you for this consideration. Happy runnings.
More information:

Attention marathon or half-marathon runners! In an attempt to raise funds and awareness, The Dream Factory Marathon Team will start during the spring 2013 racing season. We are seeking charity runners to participate in one of the many marathons or half-marathons around the country and raise money for The Dream Factory. As part of the team, each runner or walker receives paid entry into the race, and The Dream Factory-branded racing singlet, t-shirt, shoe bag and bracelet. In return, the runner agrees to raise at a minimum $500 – of course the more the better!

Also, as another initiative for those active people who run shorter distances, we have an option of participating in our Dream Factory Racing Team in raising money for 5K-10K road races. Jerseys for this team costs $20 each and 90-percent of donations raised will stay within the chapter the runner/walked is representing.

Please reach out to those in your community who are runners. For more information pertaining to the Marathon Team and Racing Team, including a package, call National Headquarters at 502.561.3001 or email