$5,000 to sponsor a travel dream
$2,500 to sponsor a shopping spree
$1,600 to sponsor airfare (Family of 4)
$1,500 to sponsor spending money for travel dreams (family of 4)
$750 to sponsor attraction tickets AND lodging for Central Florida dreams at our partner — Give Kids The World Village
$500 to sponsor a car rental
$250 to sponsor a printer and software for a computer dream
$100 to sponsor a send-off party
$60 to sponsor gifts for travel

Contributions to the Dream Factory, a 501(c)(3) organization, tax ID # 31-1009812, are tax-deductable. A copy of the Dream Factory’s annual report may be obtained, upon request, from the Dream Factory.

Note: Thank you for considering a donation to the Dream Factory!

Donations are the lifeblood of Dream Factory operations. We are an almost 100% volunteer organization and without your help — whether it be cash, donations, services or volunteering — we could not accomplish our mission. Nearly 90% of all revenue taken in by the Dream Factory is used in the granting of dreams to our dream kids.

The Dream Factory has many ways to donate and we try to accomodate any form of donation as long as it fits within the regulations and guidelines that govern our non-profit status. Almost all donations to the Dream Factory are tax dedctible and we are only too happy to assist you with the documentation you may require or answer your questions relative to a donation you may be considering.

Please feel free to designate the donation to a specific chapter, a specific dream or to our National Organization. You may also choose to make a contribution in someone’s name. The value and directions of all donations are carefully managed.

Other ways to give

American Express Members Give

Formerly known as GivingExpress®, Members Give connects you to the important causes that mean the most to you from health and human services, to education, the environment and more. Your dollar donations are tax-deductible and you’ll receive an e-mail receipt for your records.
Choose multiple ways to donate:

  • Give to one or more charities and nonprofit organization
  • Donate dollars with your American Express Card
  • Redeem Membership Rewards® points to make a donation
  • Set up recurring donations
  • Spread your donation out over the year
  • Best of all, donating online helps nonprofit organizations reduce administrative costs so that they can do more with the money you give.

eBay Giving Works

eBay Giving Works is the program that helps sellers list items on eBay to benefit nonprofit organizations. Any eBay seller who has an account in good standing can create an eBay Giving Works listing. The program is administered by MissionFish, the nonprofit organization selected by eBay to administer the eBay Giving Works program.