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 The Dream Factory is the only dream fulfilling organization that grants dreams to children ages 3 through 18 who are either critically or chronically ill. We believe that children who live with chronic illnesses endure multiple challenges and complications. They spend many days at the doctor's office or in the hospital.  In general, they are not always living the life that every child deserves to have. We want to reward their bravery and give them something positive to mix in with all the negative.

 In order to be eligible for a dream-

  • The child must be 3 to 18 years old
  • The child must be diagnosed with a critical or chronic illness.  This must be documented and affirmed by a treating physician.
  • The child cannot have received a dream from any other dream fulfilling organization
  • The child must be able to communicate, in one way or another,  his or her dream choice to a  Dream Factory volunteer.


 The Dream Factory grants dreams without regard to race, color, creed, religion, ethic origin or economic status. 

For The Dream Factory of Rochester to fulfill a dream for a child, that child must reside in the Greater Rochester/Western NY region


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