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Dream Factory Volunteers

-The Dream Factory, as a national organization, prides itself on the fact that at the chapter level, we are an all-volunteer organization.  Our national headquarters in Louisville, KY employs three full time and two part time staff members.


-The Dream Factory of Rochester is currently comprised of a core group of volunteer board members and several additional volunteers.


-Volunteers put as much time into the organization as their personal schedules allow.


-Volunteers step in to do whatever they feel comfortable or interested in as our needs are discovered.


-A volunteer may accompany a board member on a “family visit”.  This is an opportunity to meet a potential dream recipient and his/her family in order to hear from the child what dream s/he would like fulfilled.


-A volunteer may make any necessary phone calls or personal contacts, which may be needed to fulfill the child’s dream.


-A volunteer may make arrangements for a family party prior to the fulfillment of the child’s dream.


-A volunteer may make arrangements for publicity surrounding the dream.


-A volunteer may assist with the planning and arranging of our annual dream family picnic.


-A volunteer may assist with fundraising events.


-A volunteer may assist with public relations events.


-Volunteers meet the third Monday of each month at the Holiday Inn/Airport Meeting Room at 7:30pm.


-If volunteers are not able to attend meetings, we can still keep in touch and call upon you if we have an event which we needs volunteers.






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