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National Ambassador Carl Edwards


Our relationship with Carl Edwards began with a dream.  In 2004, a 12 year-old-boy named Josh wanted to go to a NASCAR race and have a few moments to meet Carl.  His experience turned into something not even he could have imagined!  Josh went to Daytona and watched the Craftsman Truck Series from the pits.  Carl won his first Daytona race that day and gave his trophy to Josh.   Josh spent the whole weekend meeting other drivers and, the day of the Daytona 500, watched the race with Jack Rousch, owner of Rousch Fenway Racing.

Since then, Carl has been a wonderful ambassador of The Dream Factory granting dreams to several other children, naming The Dream Factory in NASCAR fundraisers, using his Back40 Records company to benefit The Dream Factory and having an annual meet and greet with our mid-western dream kids.

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