Dream Stories  .:.  Shopping, pools, TV's etc.



#125 Zachary was 6 years old when he asked The Dream Factory for something special. This young man has been living with Morphea, a skin disease which causes tightening of the skin, joint and muscle pain.  The one thing that helps relieve some of Zachary's pain is water.  A hot tub, Zachary decided would be fun and useful.  The first day the tub was ready, Zachary was up and dressed in his bathing suit before his parents were even awake.  This sounds simple enough, but mornings are tough for Zachary, he is very stiff and experiences a lot of pain.  It didn't matter, and every day after that first  has been the same.  Zachary loves his hot tub.  Zachary is happy kid.

#124 Taylor's illness has kept him from school.  It has kept him from friends.  It has kept him from doing much of anything at all.  A dream that involved travel was a good idea, but in reality, not practical given his medical condition.  What The Dream Factory could do for him was something fun, something local, something that would keep him entertained and busy, something that could also prove to be very social.  We took Taylor shopping at Eastview Mall.  Friends he hadn't seen in months or a year greeted him at the mall entrance.  The manager of the mall handed Taylor some gifts, and probably a dozen other stores had treats or gift cards or spending money for Taylor.  His friends stayed with him the whole time he was shopping.  They promised to visit Taylor and play some of the new video games.  The experience rekindled something in Taylor that had been missing for awhile.  The belief that there are people who care about him, the belief that dreams do come true.


 #114 Bridget- is 6 years old, has a smile for everyone, loves the ocean and dolphins, and playing with her stuffed animals and her big sister and Bridget loves to swim.  Because of her cystic fibrosis, Bridget is at high risk of someone else's little cold turning into bronchitis or pneumonia in her body.  Her lungs are challenged enough and the extra strain could be serious.  Bridget wanted a pool where she could swim and play and have friends come to her.  Her parents wanted it to be safe for their daughter.  Thanks to Tarson Pools, the Magee Fire Department, and a friendly neighborhood electrician, Bridget finished the 2010 swimming season in her own back yard. (and playing in a fantastic dirt pile too!)



  #108 Gary, a 14 year old boy from Spencerport with severe seizures and other medical challenges.  Gary asked The Dream Factory for a tire swing and a slide.  Thanks to Bears Playgrounds and The Adirondack Company, Gary has a sandbox, a slide, a spinning tire swing, a long slide, a regular swing, a trapeze, a cd player, a guitar, a small pool and lots of sand and water toys.  It should be enought to keep him busy and happy for all four seasons!

#104 Matthew's blood disorder is not something that slows him down at all.  Although he receives regular treatments and transfusions, he chooses to live his life to the fullest, enjoying every moment and making the best of what he has- strong family support and...sports!  Matthew supplied The Dream Factory with a "dream list" of sports equipment  he'd love to have. First on his list was new hockey equipment and Bauer Hockey generously donated everything he needed- helmet, gloves, elbow and shin guards, hockey stick and skates.  Matthew also received some roller blades, a baseball mitt, golf clubs (so he can play in our tournament!) and a few other odds and ends. In addition, to prepare him for college, Matthew received a shiny new MacBook Pro computer.  Now he's ready for everything that keeps him busy! 

#102 If you think about it , what could a 17 year old girl who deserves something special possibly dream about?  Carlie, who was recently diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, couldn't decide. Did she want to go to NYC? A tropical Island? Maybe she'd like a puppy?  Or maybe- an all expense paid trip to the Mall!  With a list of stores in mind and a full debit card in hand, Dream Factory volunteers followed Carlie and her Mom around Eastview Mall. After 6 1/2 hours of shopping Carlie had a lot of clothing, sneakers, boots, bags, ornaments, bedding, candles, sunglasses, , music, perfume, and so she will always remember this experience, a pair of diamond earrings.

#97 Cassie is a 17 year old from Albion who has undergone more major surgeries and extended hospital stays than anyone should ever have to experience. During her most recent three month stay at the hospital, Cassandra met one of the social workers at Strong who suggested she ask The Dream Factory for something special. Cassandra told us she wanted to see some place beautiful (tired of her view from the hospital window, perhaps?) and she's heard the Caribbean islands are just that. A cruise with her family would be perfect.  Unfortunately, because of her health, the Doctor's suggested she think of something that didn't involve travel. The next idea was a  shopping spree.  Dream Factory volunteers met Cassie and her Dad at  Greece Ridge Mall and she started shopping.  First up was Target where Cassie picked out things for her new college apartment- a couch, a TV, a stereo, a microwave, towels, a kitchen table- you know, the practical stuff.  Then we head into the mall where clothing and shoes and accessories where selected. Cassie even purchased her prom dress and shoes.  In the end Cassie couldn't think of another thing she could get, but we did.  The day of her Prom, Cassie headed back to the mall for a free makeover from Macy's. After the prom, Cassie sent us a note..."I felt like a celebrity or maybe just someone who was important. I cant thank you enough. I appreciate what you did by arranging the makeover at Macy's. It was so much fun. Prom was great and I definitely looked like a princess. ''

#90 Latoya is, in our opinion, a very talented artist. Living with sickle cell, she is fully aware of the restrictions this illness can place on her future career. With the hopes of becoming a graphic artist, LaToya requested a  Mac Computer  from The Dream Factory. Just in time for her 18th birthday we presented her with a MacBook Pro computer, Adobe Software, a printer, and all the little extras a good computer set up needs. Thanks to The Apple Store at Eastview Mall and School World Latoya's dream came true.

#88 and #89 This set of sisters was born with the genetic disease, sickle cell anemia.   Grantheia at the age of 12 has been hospitalized numerous times, including the day we were able to meet her. Add in a thyroid complication, and you know this is a young lady who definately could use something positive.  Although she was exhausted, Grantheia eagerly told us she'd like to go to Disney World and paid close attention to our volunteers as we spoke about  Give Kids The World and the Orlando vacation  she could receive. She fell asleep that afternoon with a smile on her face Jump ahead a couple of months to a week in May. Grantheia felt great and truly enjoyed the sunshine and special treatment she received while on her dream trip.  Rosalyn  too was initially looking forwards to a trip, but the more she thought about it, the more she thought, a  home theatre system  would be great too. It's something she could have for a long time as well as something that her friends and family could all enjoy. Thanks again to The Stereo Shop, her home theatre system was set up and delivered in early June.

#82 For 4 years  Molly has been suffering from neuro immune fatigue. This once healthy, active young lady now struggles to stand or even sit up independently.  She is still a strong, determined, bright young lady who hopes there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  Molly asked The Dream Factory for a  40" TV  which she can watch from bed where she spends a good portion of her day. Once again The Stereo Shop offered their help and Molly is thrilled with the picture and quality of her new TV.

#79 Teale  is a bright and happy young lady from Pittsford who loves to swim.  A stroke at birth has left her, among other challenges visually and hearing impaired.  That does seem to stop her from greeting company, showing off her trampoline skills and getting on her bathing suit at 7am to go swim at a friend's house.  Her own pool  was just the thing Teale wanted (and she wanted it right away!). Teale's mother sums it all- "Teale is just one child, but if you only knew how much joy you have brought ot our daughter, you would have a smile that spread wide across your face. The pool has brought Teale much, she is "free" in the water from all that challenges her...She is proud of her abilities in a pool and she shines...it soothes her soul and brings her peace...Not a day will ever go by that I won't think of {The Dream Factory} without tears of appreciation in my eyes!" 

#78 An accident when  Ashly was 16 left her quadripalegic and ventilator dependant. With little family in the Rochester area, Ashly was spending a lot of time in bed watching television.  The Dream Factory with help from David Lane at The Stereo Shop, presented Ashly with a  37" wall mounted TV.  The TV was fantastic, but having it mounted on the wall meant that Ashly was able to watch more comfortably. The special environmental control unit which we also gave Ashly allows her to turn the TV on and off and change the channels independently.

#77 Nicholas  lives in Batavia, but travels to Golisano Children's Hospital at Strong for treatments related to his chronic immune cytopenia.  Nick enjoys drawing and playing on the family computer.  He asked The Dream Factory for a  tablet style laptop computer , this way, he could draw  pictures, play video games, do research and homework and be able to do all this while he sits at the hospital undergoing tests and treatments.  The Dream Factory found him the computer he wanted and added a printer and a few special computer programs.  Time Warner Cable donated one year of Road Runner Internet Service at a special presentation in their Rochester Headquarters Office.

#75 Alexis from Spencerport was born quite premature and as a result of complications, lives with spastic triplegia and hydrocephalus. As any teenage girl would want, Alexis asked The Dream Factory for a shopping trip. However, she didn't just want to shop, she wanted to  shop in New York City! Not only did Alexis want to shop with her mom, and her twin, and her younger sister, she wanted to experience all that New York City had to offer. She felt this was a once in a lifetime opportunity and she wanted to make the best of it. Her trip included a stay at the Millenium Broadway Hotel, seeing the sights, shopping, and an inside experience at Good Morning America, if you were watching, you could briefly see Alexis and her family against the wall, right behind Emeril Lagasse!

#74 Dione  has been living with nephrotic syndrome, a chronic illness that can cause a variety of problems if it is not kept in check on a daily basis.  Dione went  shopping at Eastview Mall  with some Dream Factory volunteers. He was looking for clothing and video games.  His favorite purchase was a new pair of sneakers and his sister loved her new bear from Build-A- Bear workshop.

#72 Andrew's diabetes was at the point where he already had a pump to help him control his insulin levels.Despite the pump, there were frequent ups and downs, highs and lows as those with diabetes refer to the extreme changes in condition. For Andrew, his illness was interfering with his academic work.  A laptop computer would give him the flexibilty to do his school work when he needed to, and he was able to.  Thanks to a special computer program, he could also keep track of his food intake and easily track his insulin levels.  The computer and printer which The Dream Factory gave Andrew had all the features he could ever need and it truly made his life better.

#70 Max , a young boy from Greece, loves to swim. He was born with chronic gastrointestinal problems that make the every day activities of eating and drinking a challenge.  So that he could swim without bothering the friends and relatives for use of  their pool, The Dream Factory was able to have a  pool nstalled in Max's back yard.  From what we understand, he's the first one in in the morning, and the last one out at night! 

#64 Tiffany,  who lives in Phelps, suffered from a stroke even before she was born.  Now this 18 year old young lady who has been through numerous complicated surgeries has some special things to look at and interact with in her bedroom.  Thanks to the folks at The Dream Factory of Buffalo, Tiff has  a "tree"  growing in the corner of her room, complete with butterflies and bird nests.  She was also presented with  a new armoir and a TV/DVD/VCR  mounted to her wall where she can watch movies and listen to music.  In addition, The Dream Factory gave Tiffany some CD's and interactive activities. She's enjoying it all.

#54 Christopher has been living with cystic fibrosis since he was an infant.  At the age of 15, his illness is in control and has not required any major hospitalizations in quite some time.  No matter how "in control" his illnesses is, it still means daily "vest" treatments and multiple doses of medication.  Christopher asked The Dream Factory for something which he had never had before, new bedroom furniture, including a KING SIZED bed!  With the help of Serta/Sleep City, Dunn Furniture and Wal-Mart, Christopher received the bed of his dreams, a dresser, a nightstand, and new bedding.  We were able to set up everything while he was at school and be there to see his expression when he walked into his room for the first time.  Christopher reported to us that "That was the best donation I could of ever got..You know how to make a sad person laugh." 

#53 Erica's motor vehicle/bicycle accident when she was 13 years old left her with a severe brain injury.  One particular activity which she not only enjoys, but is medically beneficial is swimming, actually just being in the water in general.  Thanks to a generous donation from Jacuzzi, The Dream Factory was able to install a large tub in Erica's newly designed bathroom.  The tub is large enough for Erica to continue growing and a perfect size for some physical therapy to occur while in the bath.  It's a wonderful help to a young girl and her family who truly needed something good.

#51 Tim was 18 years old when we met him and had plans to attend college.  Things changed dramatically when he was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, a malignancy in his bone.  Tim underwent intensive chemotherapy and major surgery to remove the tumor.  With the prospect of being immobile for  a long time and college soon after, Tim asked The Dream Factory for a laptop computer with all the trimmings.  PAETEC communications very generously sponsored this dream by purchasing Tim a computer, a printer, and a digital camera.  Time Warner Communications pitched in and donated a year of Road Runner Internet Service as well as a bag full of goodies including an iPod.  The Dream Factory, Tim, and his mother were all overwhelmed with the generosity which these two local businesses extended to us.  Tim has since had a relapse, but his computer has kept him busy and in touch with friends.

#50 Mike was already 18 when he was diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma. Luckily, The Dream Factory fulfills dreams for children 3 through 18 so Michael had a couple more months to have his dream fulfilled. He knew because of the timing and his treatments, his dream would have to be something local. Well, thanks to Wilmorite Corporation, The Dream Factory escorted Mike and his family around the Mall at Greece Ridge. Mike could purchase anything he wanted.  At the end of the day, he was completely exhausted, but had a pile of new CD's, some sharp new clothes, and a whole bunch of items for him and his family. The next day, Michael showed up at the hospital for treatment looking quite sharp in his new duds and shared with all the nurses what a great time he had. Mike's mother wrote to us after the shopping trip and said, " I would never wish for anyone to every have to watch their child go through what Mike has, but organizations like Dream Factory help to give the child and the family a bright spot amongst all the medical issues."

#40 Juvenille arthritis struck quickly and painfully at 7 year old Julia.  The swim therapy program at her local school was very helpful in relieving her pain, stiffness, and swelling.  The best possible dream for her was a pool,  Julia new she could have a great time with her family and friends in a pool, she also knew it was good for her.  As part of her dream come true, Julia also received a special staircase for her pool, inflatable rafts and balls, and for her parents, a supply of all the necessary pool equipment, including a motion sensor safety device. 

#34 Becker Muscular Dystrophy is a progressive neuromuscular disease which causes muscle weakness and difficulty with walking.  A wonderful form of physical therapy for this condition is swimming and Nicholas loves to swim.  The Dream Factory worked with Sunbeam Pool and Spa and Leslie's Pool Supplies to install a pool in Nicholas' backyard.  We equipped the pool with safety railing and a set of stairs (instead of a typical ladder) which allows Nicholas to get in and out of the pool independently.  On those warm Rochester days, the whole family is able to enjoy Nicholas' dream.

#30 Kim's rare genetic skin disorder was taking a toll on her body and her life.  Warm water is one of the few things that helps the appearance, comfort and functionality of her skin.  A hot tub was the solution to her situation.  Kim is able to take care of her body and socialize with her family and friends and the same time.  Improvements were evident after the first winter and Kim and her family are very grateful.  Kim wrote us a thank you note which said,"...it is great so far.  I soak in it everyday. I have wanted one for a long time. You made my dream come true."

#25 Zachary lives with Neurofibromotosis and severe scoliosis.  When he was 3 years old his mother contacted The Dream Factory.  Zachary wanted to play on a playground like he saw all the other children doing.  But ladders were impossible for him to climb, the swings couldn't support him, he couldn't play and he was very disappointed and his mother was heartbroken to see her son so sad.  The Dream Factory of Rochester worked together with The Dream Factory of Central NY and some helpful family members in living in the Albany area to make this young boy's dream come true.  A playground was built in Zachary's yard in Albany, NY.  The set included stairs instead of a ladder and a bench swing that could support Zachary's body.  He was overjoyed when the delivery truck arrived and eagerly helped with the construction.  Zachary still spends a lot of time on that playset and when he does, he feels just like every other kid in the neighborhood.

#17 Joshua was born with cerebral palsy and a seizure disorder, he's a sweet kid with a wonderful smile and a great personality.  Because of his cp, Joshua's muscles tighten up and causes him some discomfort.  One of the best cures for this is soaking in a warm tub.  The Dream Factory, with the help of Sunbeam Pools and Spas purchased Joshua a large hot tub and he loves every minute that he's in there.  His smile tells us how much he enjoys and appreciates his "dream tub".

 #15 Jordan, who has a variety of chronic illness including heart and liver complications and diabetes asked The Dream Factory for a big screen TV.  Thanks to the folks at Stereo Shop in Henrietta, NY, On his 9th birthday, we were able to present him with more than he asked for.  Not only did Jordan receive a 50" TV, but also a DVD player, surround sound speakers, speaker stands, DVD's and gift certificates to rent more movies.  When Jordan walked into the room, his eyes lit up and his mouth dropped open.  It was more than he and his family ever imagined and he realized, that indeed, dreams can come true.

#13 Lauren's dream, as that of many young girls, was to go shopping, her twist to the shopping spree idea was the fact that she wanted to do it in New York City. So we packed up Lauren and her family and sent them by train to NYC. While there Lauren was able to shop at FAO Schwarz and the GAP. She met the Beast after seeing the Broadway show- Beauty and the Beast, and she had a guided tour of the Central Park Zoo. Everyone came home with some great clothes, fun toys, and wonderful memories of a fantastic trip to The Big Apple.

#9 Stephanie lives with quadriplegia, schizencephaly, and several other chronic illnesses.  Her smile is contagious and she was able to let us know what she enjoys doing, watching movies on TV.  Best Buy helped us once again and The Dream Factory installed a TV, VCR, and TV stand in Stephanie's bedroom.  We also supplied her with several Disney movies.  Stephanie's smile showed us how excited she was and her parent's words expressed the family's gratitude.

#8 Ryan's life changed dramatically after a motor vehicle accident the week before his senior year of high school.  He suffered a traumatic brain injury which affected his memory, speech, learning, and reasoning.  What wasn't affected was his love for music and computers.  The Dream Factory presented Ryan with a well equipped computer, a printer, a desk, and thanks to Time Warner, a year of Road Runner internet service.  Five years later, Ryan is doing very well and although he still has trouble remembering somethings, he has not forgotten The Dream Factory and the kindness he felt.  Ryan himself sends us a Holiday card every winter, and we are always grateful to receive them and know that we are still a part of his life.

#7 Matt's disease is called Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis, it's not a very common disease and every day can be an uphill struggle.  It was very challenging for Matt to decide what dream he would like to ask for.  In the end he wrote down all his ideas and picked the winning one out of a bowl, Matt wanted a "BIG SCREEN TV, THE BIGGEST TV"!  His mom elaborated by telling us that Matthew wants to feel like he is in the movie theatre.  This is because Matt is very suseptible to illnesses and cannot go to the theatre himself.  He also liked the idea of a TV because, as he told us, "You go on a trip and then it's done, this...I can take to college with me."  With the help of the folks at Best Buy, Matt received a 50" rear projection TV, DVD player, surround sound speakers, a pile of DVD's, some popcorn, and a portable DVD player to bring to the hospital during treatments.  Matt continues to face daily challenges with his illness, but he's still watching his movies and playing video games on an amazing television.

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