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Since 1980, The Dream Factory, Inc. has been fulfilling dreams for critically and chronically ill children.  Founded by Charles Henault in Hopkinsville, KY, The Dream Factory has become the second largest dream fulfilling organization in the nation.

The Rochester chapter was formed in 1998 when Laura Walitsky,  moved from Ithaca to Rochester.  Having been on the board of The Dream Factory of Central NY, Laura knew without a doubt if she moved, the organization would have to come with her.  With the help of a few more volunteers, The Dream Factory of Rochester fulfilled its first dream in May 1999 when a young girl from Brockport travelled to Orlando, Florida to meet Mary Poppins and friends.  Since then, we have granted over 100 dreams that are as varied as the children and illness we have encountered.  TV's, computers, pools, and hot tubs; meetings with President Bush, Trace Adkins, Carl Edwards and Emeril Lagasse;  trips to Aruba, Bahamas, England and Arizona are just a sampling of what we have accomplished in order to help make a child's dream come true.

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