CharityTube for Harvard alumni was created by and for Harvard alumni as the quickest, easiest, and most enjoyable way for alumni to learn about charities that share  interests and are worthy of  generous support.

The Dream Factory was selected as one of two in the category- Children- Sick .  Also in this category is Make A Wish.  Take a moment to do a side by side comparison and we believe you will see we accomplish an amazing amount with just 4 paid employees at our National Headquarters, our emphasis on chronically ill children as well as critically ill children, and a strong “grassroots” approach to business.  We may have less chapters, and far fewer employees, but our volunteers throughout the United States have one goal in mind- Fulfilling dreams for children who deserve to have something special in their lives.  We feel honored to fulfill this goal every month.

For the fiscal year 2012-2013 The Dream Factory of Rochester fulfilled 17 dreams.  Will you help us increase that number this year.  Volunteer, Donate, or refer a child, all are an integral part of making dreams come true.